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Phoenix Flat Roofing Installation & Repair

Flat Roofing is one of the biggest trends in the roofing industry. Almost every business establishment in the modern day has some type of flat roof. They can either cover the entire building or just a portion of it. And due to technological advancements, flat roofs are now available for residential homes as well.

Flat Roofing

In addition to their energy efficiency, flat roofs are easier to maintain than slant or pitched roofs. While flat roofs have several disadvantages, the advantages far outweigh the downsides.

The materials used in flat roof construction vary a lot, from bitumen to TPO, rubber, and even metal. Depending on your roof style, you can choose from a range of colors and materials. Choosing the right roofing material is critical because flat roofs tend to be more susceptible to water and debris accumulation. Residential buildings will need a specific type of roofing structure, while commercial buildings can use more versatile materials.

EPDM is the most common commercial roofing material and is the cheapest. EPDM roofs reflect the sun and help with insulation. However, they may not be suitable for heavy materials, such as metal. If installed properly, EPDM roofing can last up to 30 years. Other common roofing materials for flat roofs are metal, thermoplastic membranes, and EPDM. EPDM materials are highly durable and are capable of surviving up to 25 years on commercial roofs.

One of the biggest concerns of prospective home buyers is the ongoing maintenance of flat roofs. Previous owners may have neglected the roof and left it to deteriorate. In addition to poor care, a flat roof may be at risk for insurance implications. Insurance companies ask if a flat roof is part of the building when quoting a premium. Here are some tips for maintaining flat roofs:

A flat roof is easier to access than a pitched roof, and many homeowners can safely carry out repairs themselves. Regular inspections can also help prevent major problems from developing. As a bonus, regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your roof and keep your home looking great. By performing regular checks, you can minimize your costs on repairs and replacements.

Flat Roofing Phoenix

If Your Home Has A Flat Roof

If your home has a flat roof, you may be wondering what the best way to maintain it is.  First, you should be having your flat roof inspected annually to help avoid costly repairs down the road.

Unlike sloped roofs, flat roofs are easier to maintain than steeply pitched ones. Because flat roofs have fewer features, they are also less expensive to build. They also allow more air-conditioned space than their sloped counterparts. Additionally, they allow more space for solar panels, passive lighting solutions, and other air conditioning components. Lastly, flat roofs are a great choice for greenhouses and additional outdoor living spaces.

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We discuss frequently asked questions concerning flat roofing in Phoenix, Arizona.

What are the cons of a flat roof?

Lack of drainage.  Since they have a slight slope they can tend to form pools or puddles of water that can sit and damage the material and result in a leak.

Should I have my flat roof inspected yearly?

Yes!  Because of their potential to puddle they should be inspected annually to ensure you don’t end up with an expensive problem down the road.

How long does it take to replace my roof?

This really depends on the size of your roof and material, condition, and other factors.  As fast as a day but we would be happy to discuss your specific roof with you.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, it’s best to have a thorough inspection to ensure that replacement or repair is the best form of action.  I can’t tell you how many times someone was going to repair a roof that was not repairable and vice versus.

Can you do financing?

If you don’t have the funds to pay for the roof upfront then we have financing options available to do monthly payments.  Call us for all the details!

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