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Roof Inspections & Maintenance

Maintenance programs are important to ensure that unexpected failures don’t occur. Especially here in Arizona with our sudden monsoons and haboobs that arise. With our annual Maintenance Programs starting at $800 per year, our professionals will keep your roof clean and look for any signs of decay, damage, debris build-up, broken tiles, or any other issues that may indicate a problem. Keeping your roof clean and in good shape ahead of the storms is the key to keeping your structure dry and safe. After all, who doesn’t want to have peace of mind when bad weather rolls in?

Roof Inspection

In addition to determining the damage caused by weather, our professional roof inspection can provide valuable documentation for insurance companies. Moreover, a roof inspection is a good idea when selling your home or applying for a home mortgage.

A basic checklist for roof maintenance should include repairs to existing problems and check for signs of damage, including low spots on flat roofs that can collect standing water. Similarly, any tears or blistering in the membrane should be noted down. If your roof is made from metal, look for loose panels or corrosion. Rot and cracking are also signs of structural stress and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. However, if you are unsure of what to do, contact Mighty Roofing LLC, to inspect your roof.

Inspecting your roof for small leaks should begin indoors, where you may notice stains or water damage. Additionally, look for loose shingles, loose flashing, and damaged hardware. Displaced shingles are a sign of damage and may indicate a growing mold or water damage underneath. If you notice these signs, it’s time to contact Mighty Roofing LLC, to get a more extensive inspection. A thorough inspection may prevent a costly roof replacement.

roof repair

Another aspect of roof maintenance is inspecting the gutters. Regularly cleaning them is crucial to prevent water from backing up and rotting the fascia. Then, check the roof for overhanging branches. The limbs could break off and fall onto the roof. The falling leaves can also cause a layer of moisture to form underneath the roof. Trees should be trimmed regularly to prevent holes in the roof, damaged shingles, and algae buildup.

While you’re getting a roof inspection done, don’t skip the visual part of the process. Visual observations can reveal obvious problems, like loose shingles, broken gutters, or holes. Regardless of your reasons for getting a roof inspection, it’s essential to be thorough, as minor problems can quickly turn into major ones. 

Phoenix Roof Maintenance

A roof inspection is part of your home maintenance and should be performed annually. If you notice any visible damage, get an estimate from Mighty Roofing LLC and file a claim for your repairs. If there’s a problem, the report is invaluable for the insurance company. If you’ve already made repairs and aren’t happy with the outcome, you can still seek reimbursement from your insurer. In addition to that, having a roof inspection can also save you money and prevent costly repairs from ruining your home.

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Avoid Costly Repairs

A structural inspection of your roof will check the overall structure of the building. We’ll look at the soffit, and fascia, as well as the gutters and skylights. Our professional roof inspectors also look at the chimney and other structures that extend from the roof. If you have any masonry chimneys, they’ll need to be inspected as well. Cracks in the mortar or grout and damaged chimney caps should be fixed as well. Inspecting the attic is also important, as improper ventilation can lead to heat buildup and potential problems later on.

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Roofing Inspection & Maintenance F.A.Q.

Whether you own a home or business, roof inspections and maintenance are essential. There are many factors that can cause roof deterioration, including age, design, and severe weather. By scheduling inspections regularly, you will be able to recognize problems before they become serious and help protect your assets and property.

What Is A Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is a thorough process of checking the condition of your roof including the attic, roof tiles, shingles, or other areas of damage, and catching them before they can’t be repaired.

When Is A Roof Inspection Needed?

We recommend that you have your roof inspected annually to avoid major damage and end up having to replace your roof vs repairing it.

How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost?

Depending on the size of your roof, your home, and the type of materials will be taken into consideration how much a roof inspection will cost.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, it’s best to have a thorough inspection to ensure that replacement or repair is the best form of action.  I can’t tell you how many times someone was going to repair a roof that was not repairable and vice versus.

Can you do financing?

If you don’t have the funds to pay for the roof upfront then we have financing options available to do monthly payments.  Call us for all the details!

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